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30 October 2012 @ 11:02 pm
Don't know if you all heard, but LJ is being taken over by the Russians [it's like a plot to a bad post-Cold War Avant Garde espionage thriller, or something. anyway...] and they're changing EVERYTHING INTO CYRILLIC. And as I'm sure plenty of people heard too, but Star Wars is being bought by Disney, so it seems everything is kinda falling to pieces.

I'm leaving for Army Basic next week, so maybe this is a good way to say goodbye to LJ and all the folks I've talked to on here.

This comm. is pretty much dead so far as I can tell, but I'd be remiss in not saying goodbye to everybody. Best of luck to you all!
24 April 2012 @ 04:08 pm

I read the first Blood Ties, and thought it pretty neat. I think Boba was a bit out of character [he got sentimental towards the end, which is BS], but I thought it neat regardless.

The series is continuing with their next installation, which I'm already skeptical about.

I mean, honestly. Boba? Dead. Get real. Are they ignoring all the EU over the past 10 years? Maybe I'm overreacting initially, maybe its just a twist and Boba is faking it. But its still irksome.

And, really. Even if Boba didn't have a huge resurgence over the last 10 years...NOBODY kills Boba. He was brought back in the Bounty Hunter Wars trilogy for a reason.

Anyway. Thoughts?
22 February 2012 @ 12:59 pm
Something occurred to me the other day, out of the blue, and so I felt like sharing.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter is the closest thing SW fans have to an old Film Noir. Think about it. Jango is the tough as nails PI who ain't afraid of any job; Zam is the double crossing, two faced femme fatale who is both an ally and an adversary; Roz is the old contact, information broker, but who also has a soft side for the PI and a sort of 'spiritual guide'; Dooku and Palps are the scheming old rich men with evil plans of their own; Komari Vosa is the mark, the enemy, with minions of her own, but who also has both crimelords and crooked politicians in her pocket. Even the story progression plays out like one, a sort of 'following the breadcrumb' mystery that eventually leads all the way to the bottom of the criminal underground. I can't believe I didn't see this until now, and I wonder if the developers intended it this way.

Anyway. Thoughts?
18 July 2011 @ 11:02 pm
Haven't been here in a while...

I recently bought a new comic TPB. Blood Ties: Boba and Jango. It was exceptional. Great artwork, a believable in-character Boba, and a very intriguing story. That's what I want to talk about. Boba in the comics, and what you folks think. Because I also bought the Dark Empire trilogy, which came out 20 years before Blood Ties...and its interesting to see the different portrayals of Boba over the years.

In one of my previous posts, I talked about Boba in the Shadows of the Empire comic, and how he was arguing [ranting] with the frozen-in-carbonite form of Han Solo. Which by today's Boba standards, is grossly out of character. Boba in DE is similar...not exactly brainy. Somewhat of a dumb brute, but yet still somehow lauded as the best.

In DE, he calls Chewie a "dumb [filthy?] animal," after Chewie grabs him to rip off his helmet. As per usual, Boba is blocked at every corner, always outsmarted. Which is rather disappointing. He even makes some dumb maneuvers of his own - while chasing Han and Leia and Chewie through Nar Shaddaa, one of his wrist rockets hits some Hutt's dais, and the Hutt falls down a chasm. The Boba we know today wouldn't allow non-combatants to get killed. Thats a dumb, amateur mistake. What else did they have him do...Dengar called him an idiot after he chased Han towards the heavily [Imperial] fortified world of Byss.

Anyway...its just disappointing to see how writers think so little of Boba when they put him in a strip. He's supposed to be the best of the best, but yet he's always used as some mini-boss to be defeated, in comics and games. Dark Forces, Force Unleashed II, Jedi Academy, SOTE, SW Battlefront: Elite Squadron, etc etc. Its in the same fashion of Galen Marek beating both Palpy and Vader. Aren't these guys supposed to be the top? So why are all these new kids on the block able to beat them? I blame the writers, for outright cheapening Boba into a complete thug, and not even rewarding him with some measure of dignity.

In that regard, how about the comics where Fett is the main character? Death, lies, and treachery; and Enemy of the Empire, and a few others. Those were all good reads...but I gotta say, it was all somewhat cartoonish. The thugs were, naturally, buffoons. It was no contest. Instead, the writers shifted Boba out of the 'dumb brute' role and into the 'strong silent type' role, while filling the former with his targets. I mean, for once, can't Boba be given intelligent targets? That are worth his time? That won't outsmart him? I think after 30 years of being a part of Star Wars lore, Boba has well earned the right to be able to outright assassinate worthy targets. Kill a rebel general or two, and most definitely a Jedi. Its always alluded to, of him killing a Jedi, but has there ever been any canon to prove it? I want to see him put a slug in some punk Jedi, or light one of the fuckers on fire. Steal a Jedi's lightsaber and swipe off the Jedi's leg with it. Or at least maim him with a thermal detonator. I mean come on. Haven't we put up with enough Jedi ass kissing? Can't we for once see Boba WIN? I am so sick of characters escaping Boba. I'd love to see an Infinities comic where Boba fries Han and Chewie with a disruptor pistol, break Luke's spine with his knee, throw him into the Sarlaac pit, and get some poon from Leia at the end of the day. Don't get me wrong, I love the SW main characters, but dammit I want to see Boba kick ass.

At the same time, I think I'm going to change my position on his portrayal as a grandpa, in LOTF. Where he's somewhat talkative. I've rethought my original position, and decided its probably a good way to go. Its ok for him to hold a grudge against the Jedi, but he's plain old. When folks get old, they get reflective and a bit chatty. If a character acts the same way they did when they were 50 years younger, then I'd question the talent of the writers.


ANYWAY. Thoughts?
02 June 2011 @ 11:10 pm
Well holy smokes. This comm has been dead for over a year!

Anyway...don't think I had anything big to update with...I don't think there's anything new Fett wise. Boba is in some new comics, though:



Anyone read these at all?

Um...has there ever been discussion here about a sandbox style game, with Boba [or even Jango] as the main character? As in, it would play out in a similar fashion to, say, Red Dead Redemption and the GTA series that it came from?

Granted, yes, Lucas and his narrow minded cronies at LA would never go for it. But its nice to think in what ifs sometimes. So, WHAT IF there was a game? And I'm not talking about a linear style game [IE the 2002 "Bounty Hunter"], I'm talking about sandbox, 'open galaxy' style. Anyone? Anyone? Ok, I'll throw my ideas out:

1. For starters, it would have to be set in some time of Boba's life which hasn't been written on yet. Several months inbetween canon events, or something. Don't want to walk all over established EU [totally not provoking a Lucas bashing, btw. But feel free to rip him apart if you'd like, I don't mind a bit]

2. As a sandbox style game, as Boba you'd have your galaxy map [think KOTOR or Mass Effect] to plot hyperspace routes to. At random times while flying about or even walking around planets, you could be attacked by pirates and thugs [sort of stuff happens all the time in GTA and RDR]. You could get random/scripted offers for bounties, maybe even compete with other well known bounty hunters of the time.

3. No doubt this could also work with Jango...of course, his time line is a little broken. It seems like he wasn't a bounty hunter for very long before being hired by Dooku, and then after that he didn't take many assignments...

4. If its NOT a sandbox game, then maybe it could be one giant flashback. With Boba in his later years, recalling some of his jobs to his grand daughter Mirta Gev [or other characters introduced in recent novels]...or he's just contemplating and reminiscing to himself [since Boba isn't the story telling type.] And there's A LOT of flashbacks players could play through: escaping Geonosis, leading Stormtroopers on Kamino, the Bounty Hunter Wars, fighting Vader, attempting to kill Mace Windu, the list goes on...

Anyway. Ideas? Thoughts?
09 December 2009 @ 08:35 pm

Don't know if anyone here follows Traviss' work, so I'm leaving out my rant that I had also posted at a clone commando community

Rant, copied and pastedCollapse )
25 February 2009 @ 03:46 am
 Boba Fett Chronicles 
The Hunt for Varrada

18 February 2009 @ 08:49 pm
Hey forks. I would have done a poll, but the ads that come with plus accounts bug me, and discussions are better anyway. So here's my question to all of you.

There are two versions of Jango's deal with Dooku/Tyranus over his agreeing to become the host for the clone army. There is the version from 'Open Seasons' and the version from the video game 'Bounty Hunter.' Which one do you prefer and why?

Personally, I have to go with the version from 'bounty hunter.' The cutscene where the deal is made, along with the game itself, does justice to Jango's character and personality. The comic is a bit distorted in it's presentation, and while I appreciate it's retconning of Jaster, it just doesn't fit with the way I see Jango. But that's just me.

Oh, and thanks to those who made comments in my last post.